Calls for preserving historical monuments echoes during remembrance of Maharaj Gambhir Singh


IMPHAL, January 9: “Disunity amongst the kings and their family members led to the collapse and downfall of the famed Manipuri kingdom in the mid-19th century. The now fractured Manipuri society and people’s love for their country could be restored with the reconstruction of the ancient and historical monuments”.

This was stated by P Bharat, member, Manipur Public Service Commission while speaking at the observance of 178th death anniversary of Maharaja Gambhir Singh which was held today at Gambhir Singh’s crematorium located at Langthabal, Canchipur organised by the state archeology, department of art & culture, government of Manipur.

P Bharat further stated that the sites of the ancient monuments should be properly maintained and developed considering the tourist interest in them.

He further concluded that had not Maharaja Gambhir Singh and Narsigh unitedly fought the Burmese and regain Manipur’s freedom, the state would not have seen the present condition.

RK Nimai Singh, commissioner, art & culture, government of Manipur, who also attended the observation appealed to the people to extend cooperation and support to the state archeology department in developing the ancient monuments and historical sites.

“Without history, we won’t go further, we need history for our future generation”, Nimai said and called upon the people to extend support and cooperation to the government’s effort to preserve ancient monuments and structures.

In the meantime, the United Peoples Front, Manipur also observed the death anniversary of the then king of Manipur Chinglen Nongdrenkhomba popularly known as Maharaj Gambhir Singh who expired on this day on January 9, 1834.

The day is being remembered as ‘Re-consolidation Day’ in honour of the late Manipuri king who led the people in regaining Manipur’s freedom status after forcing out the Burmese troops which had ruined Manipur for seven years from 1819 to 1826 which is popularly known in the Manipuri history as ‘Seven years devastation’.

The UPF’s ‘Re-consolidation Day’ was held at the premise of the Manipur Press Club located at Majorkhul, Imphal.

Giving key note address of the observation, N Rupachandra, secretary general, UPF said people still remember the Burmese occupation of Manipur for seven years from 1819 to 1826 and how the then Manipuri king Chinglen Nongdrenkhomba popularly known as Maharaj Gambhirsingh fought the Burmese and regain freedom amidst the Anglo-Burmese war of 1824-26.

The observation was also attended by senior citizen Dr Arambam Lokendra, UPF president, BM Yaima Shah, UPF advisor Th Mangi and other leader of the organisation.


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