Corcom claims attacks on Cong


IMPHAL, Jan 28: The CorCom, in a statement, has claimed responsibility for the series of attacks carried against Congress candidates and workers on the day of polls today.

The bomb blast at the residence of Ng Amumacha of Thoubal Athokpam Mayai Leikai yesterday night and lobbing of grenades at the residences of Leikangbam Naobi alias Baby of Uripok Achom Leikai, Yengkhom Joykumar of Kakching Mayai Leikai, Mayanglambam Pasuram of Umathel Mayai Leikai, Ngangom Indrajit of Leimapokpam Makha Leikai, L Borajao of Nambol Awang Leikai and Mohammad Huisen of Uchiwa Natao were carried out by the CorCom, the statement mentioned.

Meanwhile, in the continuing attack against Congress workers, suspected COrCom activists planted explosive devices at five different spots today.

An unexploded handgrenade was found at the residence of one Leikhangbam Saitya of Naoremthong, at the residence of Ahanthem Kunjo near Sawombung High School, at the residence of Md Babu of Khumidok, at the residence of one Tiken of Khurai Chingangbam Leirak.All the mentioned individuals are said to be active congress workers.

The unexploded grenades were found today morning between 6 am to 9 am.

In another incident, a twin IED with RDX material was found planted at the gate of one Salam Jugindro of Sagolband Sayang Kurao Makhong today at around 2 pm today. Jugindro is said to be a close relative of Sagolband MLA Kh Loken Singh. 


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