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CorCom warns of capital punishment to Congress workers

IMPHAL, January 13: The CorCom which has been carrying out attacks on Congress workers have further warned that the individuals who are still actively working for the Congress, involved in opening campaign booths or in distributing money to the public, going for house campaigns, becoming polling agents for the Congress party etc, will be given capital punishment. Womenfolk in the guise of Meira Paibes, who are guarding the Congress candidates should refrain immediately it further warned.

A release by the umbrella organization further stated that the public should not be in proximity with those individuals rallying for the Congress. Those involved in protesting the activities of the CorCom will be closely monitored, it said.

CorCom also warned that no political party should form any pre-poll or post-poll alliance with the Congress.

If left unheeded, the said political party will be awarded the same treatment meted to the Congress at present.

The imposition on the party is carried out as the Congress is working against the interest of the public and the revolution for independence. It is immaterial if the election is carried out or who wins the election it said.

But, if the CorCom is defied, penalty will be awarded regardless of whether it is before or after the election, it further warned.

It said it should be known by the public that the Congress government or the state CM Okram Ibobi has done nothing worthwhile for the development of the state.

Both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister are “Fathers of the Memorandum of Understanding”, many understandings have been signed between them and the public but none have been carried out practicality and it shows the irresponsibility of the state government”, it said.

It said that under its governance, wanton killings have been taking place and the public knows the fact.

Leave alone innocent persons, the Advocate General of the state had also been shot and there was no justice carried out. The son of a minster killed an innocent boy but was later released on bail it further said. Such actions translate that many murders and random killings will be seen if the Congress remains in power.

During its tenure, the influx of migrants have been left unchecked and the ratio of migrants to locals have risen to one third it said.

Ibobi instituted a crisis management committee and have given a free hand to non locals in entering and residing in the state, it charged.

Hurling allegations against the state governance, it questioned what positive steps the state government and the centre took when the state was besieged by demands made by other ethnic communities of the state? The public was held at ransom for more than a hundred days of economic blockade and even the visiting Home Minister P Chidambaram failed to address the issue during his visit during those days, it said.

The Congress government has left the education sector to the dogs and the human resources have not been developed. It should be known by the public that the state government have kept the public under its heel. The workings of the Congress clearly indicate that in cahoots with the centre, the state is subjugated under a colonial yoke, it concluded.


  1. This is totally absurd. Please do not  deprive the rights of  civilian.

    Are they Holly God whom you are standing for? This is truly
    a cynical.

    What will be our future if they are elected as our
    representative? They will never be our  loyal
    representatives, but obviously just for a handful of thugs.

    Whoever we are whatever we do, in this 21th century, the
    fact of the matter is “Our sick old mother is still cooking with that cow

    I felt pity on Iron lady Sarmila. She sacrificed her
    youthful period to get justice for those beloved ones rather than to get a
    handsome prince. In the mean time such barbaric ethnical acts are keep
    happening then how comes she get her only dream. She will never get her dream,
    though I genuinely wish her success and long live.


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