KRA-U united with KRA


IMPHAL, Feb 13 (NNN): The Kuki Revolutionary Army- Unification (KRA-U) said the militant group joined the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) in November last year, clarifying a letter dated December 1, 2011 was submitted to the chairman of the Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) in this regard.

“The KRA (U), which is also under the Suspension of Operations (SoO), is pleased to inform you that the organization has been united with the KRA from November 2011,” the letter dated December 1, 2011 quoted KRA (U) commander-in-chief SHT George Kuki as saying.

“It is important to reveal at this juncture that our organization is well aware UKLF, a constituent of UPF, was training civilians with an aim to represent them as cadres of KRA (U), a move against the SoO,” George Kuki said, adding, “The fact has been kept hidden hoping that the efforts of the KNO in resolving the differences in between the KRA and KRA (U) would bear fruit.”

However, the persistent efforts of the UKLF was to enlarge the membership of UPF by taking advantage of the one-time internal turmoil faced by brothers Chongloi and Hangshing, the KRA (U) commander-in-chief further said.

He said as the name of Ronald Kuki is not recorded in the list of original cadres, the claim of the KRA (U) defence secretary Ronald Kuki that KRA (U) abandoned the KNO and ultimately joined the UPF on August 14 last year was not credible.


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