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Open letter in support of Pu Phungjathang Tonsing for the post of Deputy Chief Minister, Manipur

Pu Phungjathang Tonsing Elected INC candidate, truly deserves the post of Deputy Chief Ministership for the following reasons;

  1.     By virtue of being  the  senior-most amongst contenders in Political arena who have been elected 6 consecutive times in the State Legislature Assembly
  2.     Never in the Manipur history witnessed 9 Kuki MLAs, representing a single party INC. In other words all Kukis are in support of Congress (I) Govt.
  3.     Manipur  completed 10th Assembly Election in 2012, till the last Govt. there had  never been any Kuki representative holding the highest berth as CM, not even a deputy. Because till the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly only  Meiteis and Nagas are given  the top position continuously.
  4.     If INC manifestos stands true for peaceful co-existence and equality amongst its citizens & leadership, they should never let this opportunity pass in vain  against Shri Phungzathang, the senior most among his colleagues.
  5.     High Command authorities ought to remember the sacrificial contribution towards Indian Freedom movement led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ( INA) wherein thousands of  Kukis joined him and  fought for free India  till their last breath. Even today a handful INA pensioners are still alive in our midst  to bear living witness to the greatest contribution of our forefathers for our country in general and Manipur in particular [for Azaadi Hindustan]
  6.     As a saying goes “Impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools” and  “All the worlds a stage..”
  7.     It is our hope and fervent expectation from Indian rulers that they ought to realize their commitment  and sincerity to downtrodden  bonafide citizen without any biasness and discrimination.
  8.     GOD Bless the newly form Govt. of Manipur.

M.S.Obedya Haokip
Imphal, Manipur
obedyahaokip (at) rediffmail.com

March 13, 2012



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