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Repeal AFSPA, safe Sarmila and politically solve insurgency issues

IMPHAL, Mar 24: Under the leadership of S. Shyamsunder, State Secretary of CPI (Marxist-Leninist) Manipur, in co-ordination with the Democratic Women front of Manipur, a team has left for Delhi to protest in support of the on-going movement to Repeal AFSPA, Safe Sarmila and to politically solve insurgency issues in Manipur.  The party’s State Control Commission Ch. Gopanmacha, retired Deputy Director, Manipur State Assembly has also joined the team.

According to a press statement, on March 25 a press conference and on March 26 a sit-in protest will be organized, later on March 27 a rally will be organized in front of the parliament at Delhi, along with thousands of people who will be coming from all over India with the slogan to Safe Sarmila, Repeal AFSPA. Further International Co-ordination of Revolutionary Parties and organization (ICOR) will also organize protest with the support of other countries of the world added the press release.



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