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Imphal water supply conditions improve

IMPHAL, April 7: An intensive drive by PHED officials to check unauthorized connections and leakages in the major pipelines have proved fruitful, with the department resuming water supply in some areas of Imphal city.

According to a high ranking official of PHED, water supply staff under the supervision of senior engineers have disconnected unauthorized connections and repaired leakages in the pipelines specially the 6 km long Leimakhong pipeline feeding water to main water plants and also the distribution pipelines.

Welcoming the rains he said, water level in the Iril River has risen while enough rain is needed in the catchment area for the Imphal River to improve its water level.

When asked about the Singda dam he said, the water level at the reservoir has not changed adding that more rains are needed.

In the Singda reservoir, there are 3 outlets at different levels and the water level is now at the lowest outlet. The water from the reservoir feeds Kangchup and Iroisemba.

Meanwhile, armed guards have been posted at the Ningthem Pukhri Water plant following a report of IFP of the Water Supply staff selling water to private water carriers.

The high ranking PHED official said, no private carrier would be allowed to draw water from the Ningthem Pukhri plant except for local people coming with small containers.

He further said, investigations have already been started based on the IFP report and appropriate action would be taken against erring employees.



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