Pay bills before complaining about power cuts: Upendra


IMPHAL, April 9: Considering the fact that the people of the state have always failed to pay their electric and water bills regularly, the people should not be complaining much about the scarcity of water and load-shedding of power that the state is facing presently, stated former president, Imphal district forum C Upendra Singh during the “World Consumer Rights Day” observation today at Kangla Hall, Imphal.

Further speaking at the occasion, he appealed to the general public to pay the bills in time so that the people can fully demand their consumer rights.

Elaborating on consumer’s rights, he stated that as consumers, we have the rights to enquire about any commodity that we are buying from the shopkeeper. Consumers can complain to the department of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution or the district forums, in case the shopkeepers reply is unsatisfactory or the shopkeepers ignored their queries.

The consumers can also check the weights and measurement available in the shop if they are suspicious of the weights being manipulated, he added.

It is time for the consumers to understand their rights; however the consumers should also understand that the shopkeepers too have their rights. Consumers should not bicker with the shopkeepers for nothing and should remain inside their own limits.

Consumers should understand and fully utilized their rights and not allow the shopkeepers to take advantage of them, he added.

All wrongs should be dealt as per the law of the land and if the consumers find any misdoings on the part of the shopkeepers, they should immediately contact the concern authorities so that they can take befitting action.

The government and its concern authorities should conduct regular drives to check any unusual price rise of commodities in the state, he added.

Other speakers also elaborated on the topic during the observation.

The observation was attended by registrar, State commission S Achoubi Singh and former president, district forum, Imphal Dr Ch Narendra Singh as guest of honour and president.


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