Justice-Two Much & ShreeSen(Prod By Suraj Sarja) by TWO MUCH – Richard Loitam


The lyrics

Verse 1: Big Deal

My mind states very disturbed/
please bear wit me i Wana be sharing these thoughts/
n i know there is no law/
but goddam where is the love?
Feels like mother earth’s heart-broken/
the cut’s so deep its bleedin n open/
all this violence your tv’s provoking/
very ironic that ppl get killed over tv remotes!
“see you don’t even know”/
ppl ignorant, they just got their own/
they don’t give a Shit bout the Shit outside their homes/
until they step on Shit,
“Shit! Gross”/
yday was ansh today its Richard/
moro its ur fren, day after its ur sister/
so stand up 4 ur beliefs, don’t just Sit/
if you want it, raise your voice n say”I want justice”/

Verse 2: Shree Sen

Human, losing humanity
Got stuck in the idiotic word TV
Manobikota’ aaj boro song’in / Humanism is dying rotten alone
Look around/ deykho aaj sudhu hing’sa/ Look Around, all you can see is HATE
No one listens/ jibon aaj mith’thay/ No one listens, life is a living LIE
Khotobikhoto pran/ nai tar mul’lo?/ Life is mourning, doesn’t have a value!
Monushot’to nei’/ sob aaj mrito/ Humanity is over, it’s all dead now
Think about it, so many are dying/
Harassment, Racism, Physical Abuse and
Kayray nilo nis’paap pran, jibon dhong’so, / Taking away an innocent life
Kothin ek odh’dhai ai holo sotto? / Fact of life is nothing but stuggle
Nikris’to’tar udahoron, nai richard’o/ Example of brutality, we have lost Richard now
Wa hai’niag’I lait’ray thawa’I khubak’ta Haptuna chat’li ai
– I don’t have words to say, with soul in my
palms I walk (risking my life….)
Don’t have any words/ bak’kohin ami/ I’m left with no words
Bikhip’to kotha niya/ agiya choli/ I move ahead with heavy words.
Boli ai hobay sesh, punora’bri’t’ti’r/ Lets say, we are gonna stop this madness
Come out, lets stop it/ chai bichar noi fakhi!/ We want justice, won’t let it escape

Veerse 3: Zing

lets take a moment to recollect;
lets call our thoughts and redirect:
if you still have a brain, a lil intellect(left)
oh lord, will you ever
resurrect back???

since when did people die of cuts and bruises?
a broken helmet is the proof, murderers loose;
painting the image of a victim with “drug-abuse”;
(got me wondering if ) the media is clean or did they “drug” the “news”?
the government is deaf , the ministers are mute;
so they justify girls bein raped cuz some people think their “skirts” are “LOOSE”??
or is it bout the looks?
for that, im sorry brothers, we aint born to choose;
born light-skinned, chinky-eyed, therefore, abused??
“GUILTY” of being “DIFFERENT” and they (wanna) hang the ACCUSED.
its time we rise above “ASAINS”, “BLACKS” AND “JEWS”..


1. “since when did people die of cuts and bruises?”
*(they say richard died due to a minor accident that happened a couple of days before he died)

2. “broken helmet is the proof, murderers loose”
*(they found some scratches, dents on richard’s helmet and now that is “proof” that richard died in the accident)*

3.painting the image of a victim with “drug abuse”-
*(they say richard died due to drug abuse)*

4.” so they justify girls bein raped cuz some people think their “skirts” are “LOOSE”??”
*(they say girls wearing short dresses are inviting rape, sexual harassment intentionally.. they blame the victim, not the criminal..*)

Source: Two Much Reverbnation



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