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2 hurt in violent clash

IMPHAL, June 10: At least two persons were wounded in a violent clash that occurred at Lilong Chingkham under Lilong Police Station in Thoubal district this early evening.

The wounded are identified as Geibungna Golmei, 40, son of late Amuthoi Golmei and Gailoulung Marangmei, 32, son of late Meidolung Marangmei, both residents of Lilong Chingkham Kabui village.

Geibungna is stated to have serious injuries in the fighting.

Reports said villagers of Lilong Muslim Chingkham, a neighbouring village of Lilong Chingkham Kabui village have allegedly tried to endanger the latter by practicing black art for quite a long time. Sometime the Muslim villagers try to bury chicken meat under the ground in the Kabui village after tresspassing the area to practice black art.

However, today around 6:30 pm, two persons from the Muslim village were caught red handed by people of the Kabui village while trying to carry out the same practice, leading to a clash between the two villagers when two persons were wounded, sources said.

Later in the day, the state Fishery Minister Md Abdul Nasir rushed to the site and brought the injured to RIMS after controlling the situation.



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