Madrassa education


IMPHAL, June 27: The Union of Madrassa Selected Under Modernisation, Manipur today convened a press conference declaring that the Wakf Board, Manipur has successfully implemented the modernisation of Madrassas in the state.

Speaking to media persons this afternoon at the Manipur Press Club, Md Azad Khan said the Madrassas have been imparting only Islamic studies to the children, but now with the changing times, the government had implemented a scheme for providing quality and modern education at madrassas.

He continued that under the scheme modern subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi and English are introduced in madrasas with financial assistance for teachers, teacher training, libraries, and science and computer labs from the government.

Elaborating on the education scenario of the Muslims in the country, he said the total literacy percentage amongst the Muslim children is a mere 33 percent.

Out of the three percent are presently enrolled in the Madrassas, while around seven percent are enrolled with private schools, being from well to do families.

23 percent of the literates are school dropouts and are engaged as labourers or as child labour.

He further said that the government has provided four computers and a teacher each for all five newly introduced subjects for each Madrasas.


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