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Interaction Program on ILPS and Militarisation in Manipur: MSAD


Manipur Students Association, Delhi-  Interaction Program on: 

Militarisation in Manipur and  The ongoing movement for implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur.

Minutes and Decision

15th July 2012

An interaction program was organized today, i.e., Sunday, 15th July 2012, at the Arts Faculty, University of Delhi. The interaction program attended by the executives, advisors, and volunteers, and members of MSAD was focused on two themes:

  1. Militarisation in Manipur
  2. The ongoing movement for implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur.

The interaction discussed in length the causes and context of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 and other repressive laws and forms of repression in Manipur in particular and in the Indian sub-continent in general. There was also discussion on the impact of immigration and the policy of ‘demographic invasion’ that had negative repercussion on the relation of production, community identity, and development and peace.

The interaction program was concluded with the following decisions:

MSAD: Interaction Program on ILPS and Militarisation in Manipur

(1) We commemorate the 15 July 2004 Nude Protest against AFSPA and also share the grievances of the victims of the Operation Blue Bird 1987 and all the victims of various instances of systematically instrumentalised genocidal assaults by the Indian machineries that were perpetrated on the pretext of national security and peace.

(2) We condemned militarization of Manipur that had been structured upon the subjugated and exploited people to continue with an exploitative political economy.

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(3) We considered that the political, cultural and economic problems created by unrestraint immigration of outsiders can only be re3olved by imposing restriction on the uninvited immigrants. We reiterated and endorse the spirit of resistance against outsiders exhibited in 1980 and the subsequent period.

(4) Having observed the ongoing demand for implementation of Inner Line Permit system in Manipur, we reiterated our stand to uphold the principle of collective struggle against militarization and the movement for protectionism to promote growth and peace in Manipur.

(5) We decided to meet again to draft a pamphlet on the current issue in Manipur.


Johnson Soibam

Organisation Secretary, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD)

Published: 2012-07-16

Photo Courtesy: Manipur Students Association Delhi



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