`BRO work slow and tedious`


IMPHAL, August 28: The Transporters and Drivers Council today convened a press conference at its office on the issue of slow and improper contract work along the National Highway 37 taken up by the BRO.

The TDC today announced that the blockade along the NH 57 will be continued until an amicable solution is brought.

The TDC further demanded transferring of the NH 57 work to a more efficient company like the Military Engineering Department.

Speaking to media persons, president H Ranjit said that the council had already called a similar press conference on August 26, however considering the road condition of several stretches along the NH, the committee has been coerce to call another press conference.

He deliberated that the road condition at Golarthol and Leingangpoki along the Imphal-Jiri road is highly deplorable.

He added that even though the state government had already been informed about the road condition, the people of the state especially the drivers and transporters are yet to see any development work undertaken by the government.

He said the road has been closed today due to its bad condition and added that out of 700 vehicles coming along the highway, 300 heavy vehicles have remained stranded.

He elaborated that the committee has information about the BRO sending a letter to the Jiribam PS OC appealing not to send any vehicles along the highway for at least four days.

This shows the inability of the BRO to carry out any effective work along the Highway, he told the reporters.

The Transporters and Drivers Council further lamented that the BRO has failed to work in the interest of the people of the state and claimed that the BRO is intentionally working against the interest of the state.

Further speaking to media persons, he drew the attention of both the state Chief Minister and the Works Minister to look into the issue and inspect the work progress along the Highway undertaken by the BRO.

He also claimed that the BRO SE (Civil) Bimol Goswami is a hopeless agent working against the interest of the state as he had claimed in his letter to the state Chief Secretary that the deplorable condition of the highway is because of overloaded and unsecured vehicles plying along the national highway.

The TDC further questioned the BRO on its inability to maintain the road condition timely and asked about how the it have used the funds for the maintenance of the highway.

He also said that Bimol Goswami is not the authority.


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