INSPIRE 2012 begins at Manipur University


IMPHAL, Aug 1: To encourage young students and to inculcate scientific temper in their minds the 3rd INSPIRE Internship Science Camp was formally inaugurated by state Education Minister M Okendro at a function held at the Senate Hall, Manipur University today.

Minister M Okendro Singh said, “Changing the worldview of Manipur is the need of the hour. Students role is of immense importance.”

INSPIRE- Innovation In Science Pursuit for Inspire Research- is a program of the Department of Science And Technology, Govt of India for attracting young talents to take science as their career.

Speaking as guest of honour of the function, Professor Arun Chottapadhyay of IIT Guwahati narrated how he became what he is now from a humble beginning. Referring to the problems he faced during his schooling days, he urges students to be thankful for problems instead.

He said, “Instead of complaining the problems one must take it as an opportunity to develop oneself. Had there been no problems, we will never imagine the world to be so developed this way. More problems we solve, the more we become smarter”.

Urging students as representing hope to the people of Manipur, the professor said that society develops only when everyone contributes in his own capacity. In this way a contribution in the form of scientific knowhow is highly sought, he added.

It may be mentioned that he event which is organized for XI standards students is set to continue till 11 August. In all, about 300 students from different schools in the state are going to take part in the ten-day camp.

Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof HNK Sharma maintained that the government of India has been investing more resource on science and its research. It is because a developed nation largely means the development of science and technology, he added.

Stating on the benefits students achieved during the past years, Sharma said that the Camp changed the perceptions and thinking of students on science. As a result they are more interested to opt for science in their higher studies, said the professor.

Continuing his speech, the vice chancellor said of secondary period as the most important period in ones career. “What you are going to becomes in the future almost entirely lies on the performance you have in your 10+2. It is the most stressful time as well”, he caution students.

Today’s function was also attended by Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Prof RK Gartia and Dean of Life Sciences Prof N Irabanta Singh as the guests of honours of the function.


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