JAC on ILP lauds state govt


IMPHAL, August 31: The JAC on Inner Line Permit System lauded the steps taken up by the state government to stop infiltration of illegal immigrants by conducting drives to check illegal immigrants at Lilong and Hatta areas yesterday.

This was expressed to media persons by the representatives of the JAC on Inner Line Permit System at a press conference at FREINDS office at Keishampat today. 

Speaking to media persons, co-convenor of the JAC, Mutum Churamani said that they lauded the steps taken up by the state government of checking illegal immigrants yesterday at Lilong and Hatta areas.

He continued that the Home Minister had announced that check-post will be open up at Moreh, Jiri and Mao gate soon to check infiltration of illegal immigrants. The JAC will extend its full support and help to state government in doing so, he said.

He further said that even though it is late but it is good that the government has shown its concern by conducting these kind drives to check the infiltration of immigrants in the state. 

The cause of Assam riots is because of the Assam’s government failure to timely check the infiltration of illegal immigrants in their state. This can also happen to our state if the government don’t start acting seriously from now on, he said.

Urging the state government to extend the drives of checking illegal immigrants in hill areas too, he said, if the state government don’t act now, there will lots of conflicts coming up in the near future including land, economy and political conflicts.  

The further urged the concerned department heads to make sure that a thorough verification is done while providing driving licences, domicile certificates and landline telephone documents that the person applying is a foreigners or not.

Since the Pradhan and Member of Zilla Parishad also have the right to provide identification related documents. The JAC appeals them not to issue such document without proper verification.

Further the JAC has also appealed the landlords who rented their house or apartments, not to rent it to foreigners.

Kh Ratan Kumar, co-convenor of the JAC, added that language cannot be the tool to identify these foreigners; a proper verification should be conducted. There might be many more.

Even though yesterday’s move of the state government of checking illegal immigrants was indeed a good one but it cannot be the permanent solution. The permanent step is to implement inner Line permit system in the state, he said.

He further said the government has passed a bill at the recently held assembly session to urge the centre government for the implementation of ILP system in the state. The state government should turn it into action.                       

Joy Chingakham, co-convenor of the JAC, also added that Churachandpur should also be included in the plan of opening check post to check illegal immigrants as it is also one of the affected areas of the state.

The Kuki people in Churachandpur district who do not speak Manipuri needs to be checked as many Kuki people from Myanmar also infiltrate into the state, he said.  

These illegal immigrants of Bangladesh are not only from the Muslim community but it consists of other community like Hindu and that needs to be check, he further said.

The Nepali population in the state have seen intense growth and it also needs to be check. The government should also conduct this drive of checking illegal immigrants at Nepali populated area of the state too, he added.

He also urged the state government to implement the ILP system in the state as the last date set by the JAC is November 18.


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