Prepak greetings for International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples 2012


Manipur, IMPHAL, Aug 8: The People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) greets the public on the eve of the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples 2012.

A press statement by Leibak Ngakpa Luwang, Assistant Secretary, Publicity and Propaganda states that the ethnic communities have been swallowed up by the larger ones; out of 193 nations, 5000 indigenous communities at least amounting to 37 crores still endeavor to  preserve their tradition and customs.

The United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Population held its first meet in 1982, August 9 and the rights of the ethnic communities have been prioritized.

The right to self determination is also given to the ethnic communities and further to strive towards a definitive political status. The rights of the public of the state have been undermined since amalgamation to the Indian nation; the independence of the indigenous people has been deprived.

Further, the influx of foreigners has surpassed the tribal population of the state by 7 lacs and Jiribam is endangered at present of losing its ethnic status.

The advent of globalization has seriously affected the indigenous population in more ways than one and it should be the priority of the people to uphold their own traditions in order to preserve their identities.

The need of the hour is to demand the rights of the indigenous people and for the communities to strive and demand their right to self determination, the statement said.


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