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SEACO observes 2nd foundation day

IMPHAL, Aug 5: South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO), Imphal observed its 2nd foundation day at Manipur Press Club, Majorkul today.

The foundation day function was attended Dr K Sushila, deputy director in Manipur State Archives, Koijam Brojen, president of SEACO and Ibotombi Khuman, advisor of IPSA as chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively.     

Speaking at the function Dr K Sushila said that those who follow Sanamahi religion should be granted minority status to enjoy the government quota for the minorities. 

She expressed her wishes of naming the religious book of Sanamahi, which is now under the process of compilation by Sanamahi Temple Board, to be named in Meitei language with Meitei Mayek (Meitei script). She also suggested that the Book’s title should be named after consulting with the public and it should be publish very soon.

“We should preserve this religion which has been followed by our ancestor from the time of King Khagemba,” she further said. It is our duty to preserve the Sanamahi religion and carry forward to our next generation, she added.

Showing her concern over the implementation of Inner Line Permit System in the state, she said that foreign tax system for entering the state was abolished in 1950. Implementation of ILP in the state will not be an easy task as the central government has clearly rejected it earlier even though a resolution has been passed by the state assembly later to urge the central government for the implementation of the ILP in the state.

She also appealed the members of SEACO to continue with the good work they have been doing from the time of its inception.

Addressing the function Koijam Brojen, president of SEACO said that Manipur was a sovereign nation before it was merged into India in 1949.

“We are just demanding our freedom, we are not asking for anything else. But we are not going to get it back easily. For this we need to fight united,” he said.

He further continued that in this process our cultural will be the backbone. Without culture there will be no identity of ours.



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