Army flag march in tense Dimapur


DIMAPUR, Sept 2 (NNN): Frontal organisations hailing from Sema and Angami communities have come to a compromise today in Kohima but the situation continues to remain tense on Sunday in the Nagaland commercial hub Dimapur. However, there is no news of any stray incident reported anywhere in Dimapur today.

On the other hand, the Army, as a pre-emptive move, have carried out a flag-march in and around the Nagaland commercial hub Dimapur today

Since there is a strong apprehension of the re-occurrence of group clashes, the Dimapur district administration continues to impose the CrPC 144. Large number of security forces personnel both para-military and the state forces are seen in the sensitive areas such as the Sovima area of 6th Mile, 7th Mile, Purana Bazar and Dhobina Nallah.

Being Sunday today, the traffic flow is thin as usual but hopefully, normalcy is likely to return on Monday with regard to traffic flow along the highway.

Stranded vehicles in the fringes of Dimapur have already left to their respective destinations today.

Meanwhile, the Aghunato Area Union, Kohima said that since the frontal organizations of both the Sema (Sumi) and Angami tribes have met this evening at the residence of the president of the Kohima Sumi Hoho (Sema organisation) and have amicably and peacefully come to a compromise.

It all began following the death of a Sema youth in Kohima on Friday because of a mob thrashing for stealing a bike.

The victim identified has been identified as one Kivika Assumi s/o of Kanito Assumi of Keltomi village under Aghunato sub-division of Zunheboto district. Kivika Assumi was reportedly caught by members of the Quick Response Team of Kohima Village Youth Organisation (KVYO-QRT) in the wee hours of Friday from Indira Gandhi stadium area on charges of stealing a Pulsar bike along with two of his friends.

Following that Friday incident, Semas in Dimapur armed with lethal weapons went on rampaging resorting to all sort of violence. The Sema mob first dismantled luxury resort called Niathu Resort at 7th Mile in Dimapur and attempted to attack prominent Angami localities. The Niathu Resort is owned by chief minister Neiphiu Rio`s son hailing from Angami community. Reacting to that mob rampages of the Semas, the Angamis countered them with equal forces. Many got injured in the confrontation between the two communities.

Meanwhile, frontal Naga organisations such as the Naga Hoho, the Naga Students Federation (NSF) and the Church bodies appeal the public for restraint and prayed for better sense to prevail in Dimapur.

On the other hand, the NSCN-IM has cautioned and warned its cadres that stern actions will be awarded against anyone found involving in the confrontation between the Angamis and the Semas.

The directives came from TT Among, NSCN-IM `home minister` warning all ranks and file of the outfit`s and cautioned to stay alert and watchful in this situation. He further warned the NSCN cadres not to use weapons of any kind overtly and covertly in support of one party or the other. Failing to observe this directive will certainly entail punitive action against the erring cadres, TT Among asserted.

Stating the present volatile situation in Dimapur and the surrounding areas as “very unfortunate” and “blown out of proportion”, TT Among said such isolated cases could have been settle through peaceful negotiation and mutual understanding or through any legal course of action. But it has been blown out of proportion.

However, TT Among further appealed to both Semas and Angamis to exercise maximum restraints in the present volatile situation in the interest of the people in general and the Nation and also appeals to all Naga people to remain calm.

Further, Tongmeth Wangnao, co-convener of the NSCN-IM`s highest decision making body the Steering Committee (SC) and a leading member of the `Eastern Naga National Workers Union (ENNWU) member under Isak Chsi Swu and Th Muivah appeals to both Semas and Angamis for restraint and avoid any form of confrontations.

He said, “Our fore fathers were head hunters and had had no close contacts between the communities or tribes. But through Christianity and Naga Nationalism we have come closer to each other. Therefore this brotherly love and feeling of oneness should be properly maintained between communities or tribes”.

Tension has been reigning high in Nagaland commercial hub Dimapur since yesterday following the physical confrontation between the Semas and the Angamis.

More than a dozen vehicles have been damaged that were plying along the National Highway between Purana Bazar and Chumukedima in Dimapur.

Earlier on 1st September, a luxury resort Niathu Resort owned by chief minister Neiphiu Rio`s son was also damaged by the Sema mob.

The large number of mob also attempted to gheroe residences of chief minister Neiphiu Rio and other Angami houses but they were confronted by the Angami mob.

Youths in large number perching in Bolero jeeps and Gypsy jeeps armed with machetes, sticks and stones were seen speeding around the highway shouting against the each other community yesterday before the curfew was imposed.

The district administration has promulgated indefinite curfew (CrPC 144) from yesterday evening as a pre-emptive measure.


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