Divorce rate high-Manipur

    IMPHAL, Sept 7 (NNN): In Manipur, young couples are increasingly interlocking in dissolution of severance with the rate of matrimonial divorce case has been recorded very high in the last five years at more than 150 a year in the Family Court here.

    According to an official of the state Family Court who did not want to be named, although in the past five years there had been recorded only one or two cases of divorce in the Family Court, the number of case has been increased by about 150 a year in the past five years.

    He said the number of couples who had been reunited after proper counseling were very less, informing that the number of matrimonial divorce in 2011 touched 150, while the current year has recorded 124 till August indicating that the rate of divorce among couples could outnumber last year`s rate at the end of the current year.

    As per the data available at the Family Court, the current year recorded 54 Cril (Maintenance) cases, 47 Matrimonial (Guardian and Watch), 105 Judicial Matrimonial, 62 Cril (Mise), 36 Cril Execution, 36 Civil Execution, 26 R&C (Restition and Conjugam Right), 124 Matrimonial Divorce, 19 Matrimonial (Maintenance), two Matrimonial (Judicial Sepration), 54 Matrimonial Declaration and two matrimonial Injuction have been recorded up to August, 2012.



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