Fully implement 6th Pay award


IMPHAL, September 27: The Joint Administrative Council (JAC) of All Manipur Trade Unions Council (AMTUC) and All Manipur Govt Employees Organization (AMGEO) has demanded the state government for the full implementation for central 6th pay commission and to clear off the due DA/DR.

A release of the JAC said that the state government has still not fully implemented the 6th pay for its employees, labourers and pensioners. The state government has also not granted two DA/DR dosages for this current year, first dose of DA/DR from January 1, 2012 of seven percent and second dose from July 1, 2012 of seven percent and a total of 14 percent has not been granted.

Expressing resentment at the state government, it has further said that even through the government has not granted the DA and has also not implemented the 6th pay scale salary fully but it has risen the salary and allowance of the MLAs and Ministers by three times from May 19, 2010. The salary of MLAs and Ministers were Rs 25,000 per month before and now it is Rs 90,000 per month, it added.

Even after coming into power for the third conjugate term this time, the state government has added more and more burdens for the employees, labourers and pensioners, it said.It has further continued that as a part the India government policy to cope up with the price rise, it has granted the DA/DR by raising it twice in a year. Further, after every 10 years the pay for the employees/pensioners have been revised and so as the central 6th pay commission has been recommended and allotted.

However, a cabinet meeting has passed a decision to regularized ad-hoc, casual, muster-roll and work charge employees. For this, the JAC thanked the state government as it has been a long time demand of the JAC, it said. The JAC also urged the state government to make it into action at the earliest possible time and appealed the government to pay off the long due salary of the work charge employees.

The JAC further appealed the state government to fulfil their demands and said that if the government keeps neglecting the demands they will be forced to go on strike.


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