Jail authorities refuse UTP information


IMPHAL, September 29: The authorities of the Sajiwa Central Jail has refused to provide relevant documents of the under trail prisoners (UTP) and of those detained under the National Security Act (NSA) to the concerned family members and to the representing lawyers.

Some prominent advocates of the State voiced to IFP that the family members of the prisoners’ have not been reciprocated by the Jail security officials. The matter came to light following inconveniences faced by the representing lawyers in fighting the cases in court. The papers sought pertain to the detention order, detention confirmation and the grounds of detention of the prisioners.

It was reported that the jail authorities had responded to those seeking the papers that, the authorization for handing over related documents has to be priorly approved by the SP of Jails. Despite the application being tendered to the concerned, the reply came that the representing lawyer of the prisoner should come to meet the jail officials.

It was further mentioned by the lawyers that the predicament faced due to the non cooperation from the jail authorities should be checked immediately and the concerned party needs to address it at the soonest.


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