Kakching, the community released


IMPHAL, September 2: A book titled “Kakching : The Community” written by Dr Kshetri Rajiv was released today at the Library and Information Centre, Kakching.

The function was attended by the chairperson of Kakching Municipal Council, M Inakhunbi as the Chief Guest and retired Professor Naorem Gandharva as the president respectively.

Assistant professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Dr Akoijam Bimol and M Modhuchandra of NE Support and Helpline centre spoke as the resource persons.

Akoijam Bimol in his speech mentioned that the book contains basic information about the Kakching community and easily draws the attention of the reader with the ample photos complimenting the story description.

He said that the place has played an important role in the history of the state and its strategic location has been utilized by the British even during the Second World War.

Kakching is also known for having unity within its ethnic population and the congenial atmosphere needs to be maintained. “ Kakching should not imitate Imphal, it should develop with the globalizing trends but retain its unique identity” ,he added that Imphal city is losing its physical space and becoming congested.

Mentioning that Kakching has produced eminent citizens in diverse fields. “ It is the duty of the citizens to give back to their community instead of focusing on personal gain”, he said.

The visiting professor also noted the importance of retaining cultural norms and to focus on sustainable development. We should be prepared for the impending globalization as Kakching is located along the route of the Trans Asian Highway, he observed.

Modhuchandra in similar notes also commented that the book reflects the history and traditions of Kakching. He added that it highlights the issues and challenges faced by the public today.

The author , Rajiv said that his objective of writing the book is mainly to make the younger generation aware of the rich historical background and the importance of preserving the social norms of Kakching community.


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