HM Shinde’s remark on Inner Line Permit unfortunate, says O Joy


IMPHAL, September 26: Manipur Peoples’ Party advisor, O Joy Singh today condemned the Union Home Minister for his reported statement which appeared in a national paper on September 11.

The Union Home Minister had reportedly said, “Our Constitution will not allow such things. Any sensible person who believes in the Constitution will not pass such a bill” regarding to a Private Member’s Resolution demanding the introduction of Inner Line Permit system passed unanimously during the last session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly held on the July 13, 2012.

The party advisor was speaking to media persons this evening at the Manipur Peoples’ Party office.

He told media persons that the statement of the Union Home Minister was unfortunate and condemnable, “I condemn it”.

“Because, it casts a serious reflection on the image of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and lowers its dignity, which represents the entire people of the state.”

Apart from the question of the “constitutionality or Merits” of the resolution, the statement attacks the authority and dignity of the House and the Parliamentary practice and procedure followed by the legislative bodies of India, he continued.

“His statement is contemptuous and contumacious to the Manipur Legislative Assembly”, he decried.

The former Opposition MLA of the Manipur Assembly said “… to make such contemptuous and contumacious statement of lowering down the dignity of the legislative Assembly of Manipur is a clear case of an act of the contempt of the House”.

He continued that the state MPs at the Parliament should take the issue to Parliament.

Meanwhile, concerning the ILP demand, he said, the Centre should amend the Indian Constitution to enable implementation of the ILP considering that the indigenous people of the state would soon become a minority in their own state soon if action is not taken at the earliest check the influx of the migrants.


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