UNLF/MPA condoles civilian casualties


IMPHAL, September 29: The UNLF/MPA has condoled the casualty inflicted upon the innocent civilian including the demise of two civilian during the attack that took place at Kwatha at Chandel district.

In a statement, the senior publicity officer of the outfit further shares the bereavement of the deceased innocent civilian family members.

Claiming that the attack upon the Assam Rifles personnel yesterday as a huge success, the statement claimed they have killed two (2) and seriously injured five of their enemy, Assam Rifles personnel of Indian Army.

Several bombs were hurled and exploded at a time and simultaneously fired several rounds upon their enemy, the statement said and added, it left their enemy stunned for several moments.

The statement said the Indian Army has been camping amongst the innocent civilians and taking shelter and using them as human shield and further charged that the Indian Army has been creating havoc by mistreating innocent civilians including harassment and even raping young and helpless women and girls.


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