BJP optimistic of forming next govt


IMPHAL, November 2: Encouraged by the recent Panchayati election results, wherein a large number of BJP backed candidates had won, several leaders from other political parties have started trickling into BJP, said BJP Zonal Organization secretary, P Chandrasekhar Rao during a press conference at state BJO office today.

He continued that the results show that the people of Manipur have lost faith with the scam filled Congress rule.

The Zonal leader was accompanied by several state BJP leaders including state unit president Sh Santikumar Sharma and former Minister Th Choaba.

Addressing the press conference, he continued that in the last six months, the party has witnessed the entry of 13 leaders including former Ministers from different political parties; and expressed his believe that more will join in.

Criticising the state government for creating the post of a Deputy Chief Minister, the BJP zonal leader said the post was created out of fear of the general public and in a bid to save his own chair.

The Congress government is scared of the general public after several scams like the Loktak scam.

He also claimed that the state Chief Minister is unable to control his corruption filled government.

Taking a dig at the Congress party, the BJP leader expressed that it is not only in Manipur that the Congress government is surrounded by scams, even at the Centre, the Congress led UPA government is also surrounded by scams like coal-gate, 2G scam, etc.

Like the Gandhi family which is robbing the country at the Centre, the Ibobi led Congress government is also robbing the people of Manipur, he said.

Continuing his tirade against the Congress led UPA government at the centre, he said the government is not interested in developing the NorthEast states and the UPA government has only been robbing the region of its resources.

He said the government is unable to even manage the public distribution system which is meant especially for the poorer section of the society. Instead the items meant for the PDS are exported to neighbouring countries, he claimed.

The Manipur state unit BJP will launch a series of agitation in the state regarding the Loktak lake scam and the corrupt government.

He also expressed his confidence that the BJP alongwith other like-minded parties will be forming the government at the centre after the next Lok Sabha election.

Former Union Minister, Th Chaoba said the BJP will come to power at the centre after the next Lok Sabha elections as rampant corruption and scams under the Congress government has led the people towards BJP.

Referring to the Loktak scam, Chaoba charged that in the name of cleaning pumdis (floating biomass) in Loktak Lake work is being taken up using the name of K-Pro Company by hiring machineries from Loktak Development.

He further said if an inquiry is set up on the Loktak lake phumdi cleaning project all the truth will come out in front of the general public.


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