BMSA Election Notification


Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association (BSMA) came into existence from early 1990’s. It was registered in the year 1998 under Karnataka Societies Act.

Bangalore Manipur Students' Association
Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association

It is hereby notified that election for BMSA new Office bearers for the term 2012-13 will be held on Sunday 13th January 2013, 10am to 3pm. The posts to be elected are mentioned below:

1. President – 1 Post
2. Vice-President – 1 Post
3. General Secretary – 1 Post
4. Joint Secretary – 1 Post
5. Finance Secretary – 1 Post
6. Asst. Finance Secretary – 1 Post
7. Social & Culture Secretary – 1 Post
8. Asst. Social & Culture Secretary – 2 Posts
9. Games & Sports Secretary – 1 Post
10. Asst. Games & Sports Secretary – 2 Posts
11. Publicity Secretary – 1 Post
12. Asst. Publicity Secretary – 4 Posts

Last date of Nomination filing: 6th Jan 2013, 11am
Scrutiny of Nomination Filed & Announcement of Eligible Candidates: 6th Jan 2013, 4pm
Last date of Nomination withdrawal : 8th Jan 2013

Election Venue: Will be announced later

Eligibility Criteria:
i) Any Candidate should be a member of BMSA & student in & around Bangalore & should possess valid college Id card.
ii) Any Manipuri Student Studying in & around Bangalore can become a BMSA member by registering / must be registered in the BMSA electoral list. Valid college id card is a must.
iii) Any candidate for any above mentioned posts should have a proposer & 4 Supporters (Seconders); Proposer & supporters should fulfilled Eligibility criteria No. (ii) & should present all of them at the time of filing the Nomination.

Last date for Electoral registration: 10th Jan 2013.
Election Date: 13th Jan 2013, 10am to 3pm
Counting Date & Time: 13th Jan 2013; 4pm to 6pm
Result Announcement : 13th Jan 2013 @ 7pm

Details for Nomination, Electoral Registration, can contact Election Committee. Election Committee members are:
A. Shanta – M: 7204642290, Email: [email protected]
O. Krishnananda – M; 9035311412, Email: [email protected]
T. Tiken – M: 9035844816, Email: [email protected]
N. Somen – M: 9886749393, Email: [email protected]
R.K. Vivek – M: 9886733647, Email: [email protected]
Y. Arun -M: 9886605739, Email: [email protected]


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