Naga body accuses Kuki body of intimidations


IMPHAL, November 19: The United Naga Council (UNC) has alleged today that Naga villagers confining in the foothills (of Manipur) have been intimidated to support the demand of the Kuki statehood and the ongoing blockade sponsored by the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC).

The UNC said that it has been the consistent position of the Nagas that the political aspirations of all communities drawn and evolved from their respective histories and situations should be mutually respected.

Nagas have never been communal and history will bear that out.

It has been with this principle that Nagas have promoted and nurtured the rights movements of other communities in the state and region, it stated.

“Any group may claim anything, without basis or history, for short-term considerations or due to machination of those who desire to perpetuate domination.

Nagas will respect the aspiration of other ethnic groups provided their assertions do not sabotage our established historical position and we clearly can not compromise with claims that are without historical basis or justification, it said.   

“It may also be understood that the Naga issue is not merely the functions of unequal distribution of resources and discrimination against them by the dominant community.

It is also not a minority versus majority clash of interest nor is it just only a tribal versus valley people conflict.

There is a history, a culture, a value system and a social movement behind the legitimate aspirations of the Nagas,” the UNC said.

The Naga body then hurled an allegation and said, ” It is very unfortunate that the state sponsored Kuki State Demand Committee has vitiated the peaceful atmosphere in some areas of the foothills with intimidations to Naga villagers to support their demand and public blockade”.

The UNC is closely observing every development at this critical juncture and all the constituent tribes are advised to remain “alert and vigilant”, it said.

The political position and vision of the Nagas is clear.

The facts and history must be respected and from such approach the resolution or settlement must be sought.

Because of the uniqueness of  Naga history and consistent assertion of the same,the Indo-Naga issue is being negotiated over the table.

An honourable settlement to the Indo-Naga issue will contribute towards just peace for the north-east people and the region and we strongly believe that the peoples of the region stand to benefit from it in real, genuine and  long-terms, the United Naga Council stated.


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