Ningolchakkouba celebrated in state


IMPHAL, November 16: The age old festival of NingolChakkouba was celebrated throughout the state cutting across communities on November 15, with womenfolk making haste for their brothers’ and parental homes where they were eagerly awaited.

Following the age old and exemplary tradition of reaffirming the family ties several civil organizations, churches organized the festival at different places of the state on November 15.

NIPCO’s Chingmi-Tammi Ningol Chakkouba on Thursday
NIPCO’s Chingmi-Tammi Ningol Chakkouba on Thursday

Like in previous years the National Identity Protection Committee, NIPCO organized the “Chingmi-TammiNingolChakkouba” at five different peripheral areas of the state.

The locations are BungteChiru Church Community Hall, Purum Likely, Community Hall both in Senapati district, Torbung, Phougakchao Ikhai Mayai Leikai Community Hall in Bishnupur district, Yaingangpokpi Community Hall in Imphal East district and New Keithelmanbi KeithelShanglen, Imphal West.

The Torbung Phougakchao feast was attended by around 100 womenfolk from all communities of the state. It was also attended by NIPCO, president, Sunil Karam, United Peoples Front, president BM YaimaShaha, president, Torbung Area Sporting  Association, Konjengbam Nipamacha, Molhoi village chief, Paokhosem Gangte, Zalengphai village chief, Samuel Haokip, Matiyang village chief Hemlun Haokip, Kangvai village chief in charge, DemginVaiphei, Torbung village chief, Kaitinkhup, Pengyang village chief, PaukhalalVaiphei, S Kotlian, LulutVaiphe, Saiton Khunou chief in charge, Haongam Chongthu, K Kotlian, TinkamVaiphei, councillor Ward No 6 Kwakta, AribamTomba, president, Kwakta Youth Association, Nurahman, social workers LaishramNaba and KshetrimayumIbochou.

Meanwhile, the MBC Centre Church had also observe the day on November 15.

The League of the FOurth World People Kangleipak had also organized the day at Langol.


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