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Counter claims on bandh withdrawal

General strike will go on: JAC
IMPHAL, December 24: Addressing media persons at the residence of Momoko at Ghari, Convenor of the JAC against Chandel incident Ng Milan said the bandh was called off without taking the consent of the affected artists. He further said that the since the presidents and secretaries of Film Forum Manipur, State Sumang Lila Council and Apunba Manipur Matam Ishei Kanglup (AMMIK) had agreed and decided to take upon themselves the decision to announce the relaxation of the general strike, they should bear whatever consequences take place. “The three victims of the Chandel incident have not changed their stand on the general strike. The agitation is for the people and all other artists will support the decision of the people as it is not against any particular community,” he said.

During the press meet, Momoko Khangenbam clarified that she has not spoken a word which will affect the Naga community during the musical concert at Chandel. She went there to help for the fund drive that was being undertaken through the musical concert and urged the people in both the hill and valley to bring out the justice. She alleged that the press note to call off the bandh was released without the consent of the affected artist. “Why should the bandh be called off when a journalist is being killed in the agitation?,” she asked.

Prakash, one of the artistes who was fired upon during the Chandel incident further claimed that CorCom has sent him a text message stating that the call off of the bandh should not be revoked again and that no further meeting should be conducted into the matter. He further appealed for a clarification on the antecedents and verification of the text message. Actor Guna, who had also been fired at during the incident said that the agitations will not be stopped until and unless the accused Livingstone is arrested and punished.

“Bandh was called off with consensus”

In a telephonic conversation with IFP, Sh Hemanta Secretary Sate Sumang Leela Council said that the decision to call off the bandh protesting against the Chandel incident was taken after due discussions with representatives of Film Forum, AMMIK and other civil society organizations of the state. “We agreed that the bandh should be called off considering the occasion of Christmas,” he said.

Speaking to IFP on the phone, chairman of the FFM, L Surjakanta Sharma said that the decision to postpone the bandh was taken after an open discussing with AMMIK and various Civil Society Organizations in consideration of the spirit of Christmas.

He added, “The bandh was called off so as a mark of respect for communities who are observing the festival and it is unfortunate that some artists are trying to show the public that we are all divided. There is no issue of separating ourselves from the stand for seeking justice for our artistes.”



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