Maoist to penalize molesters, blames electronic media


IMPHAL, December 27: The Maoist Communist Party in a release by its publicity secretary Nonglen Meitei while applauding the meira paibi of Nongren area for rescuing the students who were threatened and molested by some individuals while on their way to join Christmas at Kalika Chingol mentions that the involved individuals will not be spared.

The release mentioned that they may have been given a sentence by the State authorities but there is another sentence awaiting them from the Maoist as they crossed the line by perpetrating such an act during the times of unrest, it said.

The Maoist applauds the decision to observe a single day for carrying out strike and to keep the pressure by taking out democratic form of protests and in the interest of the general public. It is the right decision and the Party appreciates all involved in making the decision, it said.

The decision points that there are many rational thinkers who acts and decides for the interest of the communities and yet there are many also who are trying to polarize the communities for their own selfish interests. But in the overall scenario, the public has also acknowledged the truth and that a communal divide cannot be created amongst the communities by the endeavors of some individuals or organizations.

But it is unfortunate that a particular electronic media acted without any ethical sensibility and it seemed that a provocation for bring out a communal tension was propagated. The example was that the electronic media did not carry the news development involving the decision to call off the general strike from December 23, it came to the knowledge of the Maoist that the issue was tried to be manipulated by the particular electronic media.

The matter was communicated to the establishment but even then, the news was not carried, the matter will not be easily put aside there will be further investigation in the unethical manner of the media establishment, it said.

Further, the Maoist supports the democratic movement to bring to justice the involved culprit  namely Livingstone of the NSCN (IM), the statement concluded.


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