MPP greetings


IMPHAL, December 31: “Manipur is a beautiful land; enriched with a pleasant climate. However, very unfortunately Manipur has found itself in an unpleasant atmosphere. Not surprisingly every community seems to have a complaint against another community, accusing the other with unfair treatment or exploitation or communalism, etc. An individual act of a person, at times, tends to become the cause of a dangerous communal conundrum. Added to it, the abject failure of the government to act and deal the matter in time with appropriate authority and power (force) make the matter worse; and such cases are many and the Chandel episode being the latest.”

“The fact of the matter is, in most cases of communal conundrum Manipur is found in, the super activity or the usual inactivity of the Manipur government itself act as a catalyst, if not the cause of the problems or issues. Therefore, it is very doubtful if the present government has the imagination and wisdom and determination to take Manipur out of this socio-political mess.”

“However, MPP stands for all the people –hill dwellers and valley dwellers — without any distinction and would fight for their rightful place in all spheres of life.”

“MPP understands that it is the government of the day that can bring change in the lives of the public –the people. MPP wishes the people of Manipur a peaceful new year.”


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