Request for Permanent Removal of PAP regime from Manipur


ONTARIO L1N 8E7, CANADA Ph. 905-493-4931

Ref: MAC/India/PAP-008 December 14, 2011
Shri Sushil Kumar Sambhajirao Shinde
Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs, India
North Block, Central Secretariat
New Delhi-110101, India

Sub: Request for Permanent Removal of PAP regime from Manipur

Hon’ble Shri Shinde,
The temporary lifting of the Protected Area Permit (PAP) regime from Manipur and some of its neighbouring states in early January 2011 and its subsequent extension till December 31, 2012 have shown a new ray of hope to the people in the region about bringing progress. This has proved an important experiment in India’s renewed venture to solve the multifarious problems plaguing the North-Eastern Region (NER).

Understandably, the true favourable changes in the psyche, vision, planning and action of the people and the governments in the region in the new PAP-free era still remain elusive during the past two years after its removal on trial basis. Foreign visitors still continue to be paranoid about entry restrictions. The news about PAP removal has not percolated into travel literature worldwide. The feeling of uncertainty associated with the temporary or experimental nature of the GOI’s order about PAP removal is pushing the goals farther.

The Manipuris, while appreciating the GOI’s real intention of removing this archaic Act want to see it permanently gone opening the gateway for them to progress, the much cherished goal. In a life without PAP regime, and favoured by other paraphernalia of India’s new thrust of development initiatives in the region, we can expect to see an unprecedented increase in academic standards of the universities, research and development works, foreign direct investment, productivity and flow of merchandise, trade and commerce, socio-cultural integration and general sense of security, progress and satisfaction in the North-Eastern Region in the days ahead.

I, on behalf of the Manipuri Association of Canada, other collaborating Manipuri expatriate organizations, local support groups and all signatories of the Global Online Petition for Removal of PAP from Manipur (submitted to Indian Home Ministry in December 2010), would like to request you to remove PAP from Manipur on a permanent basis as a sequel to the much praised temporary lifting of the same two years ago. This will usher in true progress to India’s NER.

With high regards
Dr. Rajkumar Singh
President, MAC

Copy to:
1. Dr. K. Chiranjeevi
Minister of State for Tourism, India
1. Shri Vayalar Ravi
Hon’ble Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, India
2. Shri Paban Singh Ghatowar
Hon’ble Minister of DoNER, India
3. Shri Okram Ibobi Singh
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur, India
4. Shri Rishang Keishing
Hon’ble Member of Rajya Sabha, India
5. Dr. Thokchom Meinya Singh
Hon’ble Member of Lok Sabha (Inner Manipur), India
6. Shri Thangso Baite
Hon’ble Member Lok Sabha (Outer Manipur), India
7. Shri T N Haokip
Hon’ble Minister, Tourism, Manipur
8. Shri N. Biren
Hon’ble Minister, Youth Affairs and Sports, Manipur

Dr. Phalguni Sougaijam
Secretary, MAC


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