Why women are subordinate


The most happiest and painful moment of women is delivery, no man ever on earth can tolerate such moment. A single mother is capable of spending the whole night with her new born baby and raise their children moreover make them a well being in the society. Every child starts their beginning holding the fingure of their mother they are everything to children, friend, mentor and governance etc. Women have the power to raise somebody’s spirit and also they are enclosing with the courage to crush.

Therefore women have been considering as Nature and Motherland, women are women whether they are born in different places of the world with different culture and social norms. However when we look intently to Manipur the bravery and sacrifice of Manipuri women are notable since. During several social conflict and dispute they lead and struggle against their enemy, holding “MEIRA” in their hand. At night they walk around for the safeguard of Manipur. They fought against the Indian Army for their disgraceful act, rape and brutal killing of innocent life, the dilemma seems lessen but the existing burning issues of raping our native girls and women by our own brothers has been ever-increasing. Regrettably, our own brothers who are believe to set aside for the safe guard of their own sisters’ rape their sisters.

Every time we found such horrifying incident on newspapers further we have heard about women trafficking women and girls, father rape daughter and rape by the police personal. Numerous numbers of rapes are happening and nearly all the victims are lower class family and domestic helper who do not have support and financial independent. Taking the advantages of these weaknesses the pitiable girls and women often becomes quarry, sex toys of men and social material. Shamefully, so far we haven’t get any clear information and justice concerning the punishment of rapist and the perpetrator. The entire stories are concealed and envelope by the absolute power. These obviously exhibit the political favoritism and nepotism of Manipur. Yet again the issue of persecution, betrayal of trust and denial of husband property by the husband family members are also one of the main issues in day to day life of a woman.

In view of all the issues exceedingly, it shows that the present youth have forgotten the beauty of togetherness, unity and love that prevailed in our antecedents. Is this the character of civilization, sign of development or the emblem of fraternity? Ever since, women have been coercion despite the fact that they are stronger than men. “Women the hearth men the warrior, women the needle and men the sword” is a very inspiring proverb and I have seen much women cook food on cooking gas, sewing cloths and even nude protest in front of “KANGLA” against Indian Army. At the same time I have seen a large numbers of men who ever work hard to feed their wife and children neither strongly oppose to this wicked ruling government. They only keep fit their rights but exploiting the rights of their wives and children and occasionally if a man helping the domestic chores of his wife at that moment the beautiful people will tag him as “HENPACK”. If women have the strength to shout and challenge their enemy then, why men can’t cook for their children and wife? If women can bear the harsh summer sun in selling vegetables then why men can’t fetch water in winter? Now, this is the right time to question whether women should be the hearth or warrior or men the hearth or warrior? Women’s climbing trees is a taboo in Manipuri culture believes that there would be no fruits or the fruit shall be crack. And if trees are not bearing fruit then again they wrap phanek at the trunks. This clearly proof that women are use as an arrays of tools for development and progress at the same time they are also subjugate by many outward indulgence and unfounded belief.

The societies are not acknowledged and count their contribution this is why number of sexual based gender crime has been increasing every day. I have a doubt there has been no such huge agitation on the subject of TG student rape incident. Was she not a woman? However today I have seen nearly all the people of Manipur are on the road shouting for Momoko’s justice in the spotlight of tear gas and blank fire.

The Words of Lemuel

31:1 The words of King Lemuel, 1

an oracle 2 that his mother taught him:

31:2 O 3 my son, O son of my womb,

O son 4 of my vows,

31:3 Do not give your strength 5 to women,

nor your ways 6 to that which ruins 7 kings.

31:4 It is not for kings, 8 O Lemuel,

it is not for kings to drink wine, 9

or for rulers to crave strong drink, 10

31:5 lest they drink and forget what is decreed,

and remove 11 from all the poor 12 their legal rights. 13

31:6 Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, 14

and wine to those who are bitterly distressed; 15

31:7 let them 16 drink and forget 17 their poverty,

and remember their misery no more.

31:8 Open your mouth 18 on behalf of those unable to speak, 19

for the legal rights of all the dying. 20

31:9 Open your mouth, judge in righteousness, 21

and plead the cause 22 of the poor and needy.

Santa khurai

Secy:All Manipur Nupi Maanbi Association (AMANA)


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