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ZUF appeals against general strikes

IMPHAL, December 26 (Newmai News Network): The militant outfit Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has appealed the United Naga Council (UNC) to review its decision of going ahead with the 72-hour bandh.

The ZUF in the same breath said the civil society organisations in the valley (Imphal) should uphold the slogan `Chingtam-Amatani` (Hill-Valley are one people).

The ZUF then advised the UNC that instead of calling bandh, the latter should apprise the higher authority of the NSCN-IM to initiate action against the outfit cadre identified as Livingstone, accused in the Chandel incident.

The ZUF also said the UNC does not carry the voice of the whole Nagas and that `whatever UNC speaks, does not reflect the society as a whole`.

The ZUF also advised the civil society organisations in the valley to stop at once the ongoing `communalised agitation` in Imphal and other valley areas.

“These organisations are turning the non-issue (Chandel incident) into a major issue based on communal principle,” said the Zeliangrong militant outfit.

The ZUF expressed regret that many people heading home-ward for Christmas got stranded either in Guwahati or in Dimapur due to the bandh in the valley districts of Manipur.

“No doubt the act committed by NSCN-IM cadre at Chandel on December 18 evening was condemnable by all but making a mountain out of a mole-hill is not a right thing to do,” the ZUF opined.

The Zeliangrong outfit then said that the Chandel incident and the follow-up reaction have threatened the peaceful relation of the various ethnic groups in Manipur who are living together from time immemorial.

The ZUF then said the NSCN-IM should take up concrete steps so that its cadres do not commit such act in future.



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