Fake Nursing Institute comes to light


IMPHAL, March 10: Students and parents of the Public Academy of Nursing Institute, Kshetrigaon today called a press conference at the Manipur Press Club declaring that the institute has turned out to be an unregistered body with the founder absconding from the scene.

Speaking to media persons at the press conference, an ANM student said the institute was established in April, 2009 by one Annwar Hussain of Yairipok who is said to be presently staying at Hafiz Hatta.

The students and the parents while expressing concern for the years that the students have lost have further appealed to the concerned authorities that if they are unable to provide them the certificates than the students should be admitted into a recognized institute and allowed to complete their courses even if they have to pay the fees again.

Elaborating further, the students said during the first year of founding of the institute, there was a woman principal identified as Gomti but from the next year onwards, the founder became the Principal.

Another student expressed that students of the Institute were told before getting admission that the institute is affiliated to the National Institute of Medical Science, Silchar.

The students further informed that they found out that the institute was not affiliated only when they went to the office of the Nurses Council, Imphal for their registration in May last.

The office declared that their certificates are not genuine while rejecting their applications for registration with the nursing body, the students echoed.

Following their complaints on the issue, the founder Md Annwar Hussain had signed a non-judicial stamp agreeing to issue the original certificates (Course completion certificates, Mark Sheets, Registration) for the students who have already passed from the batch of 2009-12 by November 10, 2012 and on failure to do so, he had agreed that he would provide Rs 10,00,000 each to the students, the students claimed while exhibiting the non-judicial stamped paper to the media persons.

However, instead of providing the promised certificates, he has gone into hiding, the students expressed.


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