Justice for Loitam Richard: Struggle for Justice during the Last Rites & Immersion of Richard’s death ceremony

Struggle for Justice during the Last Rites & Immersion of Richard's death ceremony: Justice for Loitam Richard
Struggle for Justice during the Last Rites & Immersion of Richard’s death ceremony: Justice for Loitam Richard

Ashes of the Loitam Richard, a student who went to Bangalore to pursue his dream career in architecture at Archarya NRV School of Architecture will be immersed on Monday at Nabadwip in West Bengal by his family to pray for his peaceful soul and speedy justice.

Ashes of the young boy were brought to West Bengal by the family on Sunday for performing the last rites and immersion of ashes according to the family traditions.

Family, friends, relatives and well-wishers pray that the departed soul rest in peace and will bid adieu to the young boy with teary eyes. The loving mother and father continue hope and pray for justice.

Loitam Richard was possibly a victim of an unfortunate and hate targeted violence. Police investigation have stated the possibility of a confrontation in which Richard was severely assaulted leading to the deceased succumbing to his injuries on the night of 17th April, 2012. There are also strong evidences to suggest that the deceased suffered multiple assaults on the head and face. Photographic images of the deceased Richard shows massive swelling and bleeding around the head, which have been substantiated by the preliminary post-mortem report that indicated serious bleeding in the brain.

There are statements from hostel inmates who reside in the same building with Richard Loitam that the later did not retaliate during the assault but actually was pleading for the assault to end. They however admitted that they did not notice or suspect Richard Loitam to have sustained any serious injuries until the next day when he was found dead lying in a pool of blood in his bed.

Following the death and subsequent crime scene investigation conducted by the police, a case was finally registered, after sustained protests from his parents and widespread protests across the country, under PSCR No.229-12 US 323, 302 RW 34 IPC. However, despite the reports and a case being registered, people are appalled and shocked with the conduct of Archarya NRV School of Architecture and also the report given by some sections of the media who apparently attempted to defame and cover up the crime by linking Richard’s death to drug abuse, and an injury sustained during a road traffic accident a few days before the incident. And questions continue to be asked whether the crime investigation and reporting has been affected by Richard’s ethnicity?

Despite protest and demand for justice across the country and even after approaching the Prime Minister and Home Ministry, justice continue to be denied. A year has passed but the ineffective system continues to deny justice.

Richard’s family in their endless attempt and struggle for justice have taken the case to the Supreme Court of India and the family, friends, relatives and well-wishers are waiting for weeks and months for the court hearing dates and hoping that someday the truths will be known and justice done. People are praying for the departed soul and believe that justice will bring peace to the departed soul…

* The press release is being sent by Justice for Loitam Richard: info[email protected]


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