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Legal awareness program

IMPHAL, March 10: A one day legal awareness program was held at Kongpal Ningthoubung Leikai organized by the Ima Lanchenbi Self Help Group and sponsored by the Manipur State Legal Service Authority today.

Speaking at the function, W Joykumar, member of the Child Welfare Committee, Imphal East said there is no lack of food products in India but the government instead of providing it for free are making it available with subsidised rates under three categories-APL, BPL and AAY.

He continued that according to a Supreme Court order, APL card holders can avail a total of 15-20 kgs of rice per month at the rate of Rs 8.89/kg; BPL card holders can avail 35 kgs of rice at the rate of Rs 6.20/kg and AAY card holders can avail 35 kgs of rice at the rate of Rs 3.47/kg.

He continued that the Supreme Court order is however neglected in the state.

He further said that the in order to implement the proper distribution of the food grains at the subsidized rates, the government has also introduced Fair Price Shops in each locality.

He said even though individuals running the Fair Price Shops are supposed to be selected by the concerned Deputy Commissioner, in Manipur the actual practice is that the MLAs of the area award it to their own supporters.

For the benefit of the widows Below Poverty Line, the government has implemented the National Benefit Scheme which is carried out by the Social Welfare department, he said before adding that under the scheme, widows are entitled to Rs 10000 per year, which they can collect by registering themselves with the Social Welfare department.

Pregnant women can also avail of a scheme through which one can get Rs 500 each after five months of pregnancy, he said. 

The government had introduced the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in 2005 under which unskilled labourers are provided with manual labour for 100 days, he said.

Even though job cards for NREGS are supposed to be nominated by the families, in Manipur job cards are issued according to the electoral role of a locality, he said.

The day was also attended by Th Premlata Advocate, Women & law.



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