CPI opposes privatization move


IMPHAL, April 8: The CPI is opposed to the proposed steps of the state government for its move of privatizing the health sector. This was stated during a press conference at Irabot Bhavan, at the CPI office today evening by Dr Nara  who said that the state government should review or withdraw the said step against sifting the government hospitals into privatization in four districts.

He said instead privatization, something on the lines of a Public–private partnership (PPP) can be taken up by the state government  for the welfare of the people and to promote Government hospitals in the state.

He charged the government that the state government have used the health care for as a means of earning money and that the proposed steps of the government will lead poor people into financial difficulties in their quest for health treatment.

Dr Nara further condemned the killing of Ningombam Satyabhama and also added the 11 political parties met at Irabot Bhavan today and resolve to organize a public campaign at Patsoi  on April 16, 2013 on  the negligence of the state government in the issues happening in the state.


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