Maoist Communist Party, Manipur on May Day


    IMPHAL, April 30: The proscribed outfit Maoist Communist Party, Manipur Central Head Quarter has conveyed its message on the occasion of the May Day in a press release.

    The release has wished for the growth of the “Manipur Proletarian Revolution”, the foundation of which was laid by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot in Manipur.

    The statement said according to several intellectuals, the first rally of the workers and farmers in Manipur was led by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot on the May Day of 1939 from Moirangkhom which had also passed through the residence of Political agent Jimson.

    Counting since the first rally, the day has been observed 74 times the statement said and added there is still no development or improvement in the condition of the farmers and workers.


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