Naga river residents evicted


IMPHAL, May 20: Residents of Naga River Land Colony were today evicted by a strong state police contingent. Residents informed today that a strong police presence were witnessed at the village since early this morning around 5am.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the government action, the president of the Naga River land Colony Women Society said the people have no issue with the government over the eviction; however the people will continue to fight for their rights, she added.

Eviction of resdents at Naga River Land Colony underway on Monday
Eviction of resdents at Naga River Land Colony underway on Monday

She further asked, “Is O Ibobi only the CM of Thoubal and not for the welfare of the state people?

She said altogether 11 communities have been living together at the village in harmony for more than 50 years.

She said the people knew that houses of five Meitei families and one Muslim family were supposed to be evicted but had no knowledge that others will also be evicted.

It is also known that that compensation for the 6 houses had already been distributed, she said.

Police came on May 13, 2013 to bring down the 6 houses. They informed the public that an order has been issued to demolish the 6 houses. Many police personnel came on May 18, 2013 and left after demolishing some houses adjacent to the road, and warned everyone to evacuate the houses and leave by 20th of this month, she said.

She continued that the people then went to meet higher authority of the government like the DC, Deputy CM Gaikhangam, MLA Preshow Shimray and others. However no one listened to their request by saying that it is the order of the higher authority and nothing could be done. On the night of May 18 they requested whoever possible not to demolish the houses.

Some police personnel came at 5 am today and started destroying the houses at around 7 am. Sick elders of the area have to be carried on back or rickshaw and O Ibobi do not care at all. Many students could not go to school and appear exam and so they are going to fail it, she lamented and said it would be right to show some concern for the students.

Our names were removed from the voter list in the hill as we have been staying here for long. We have no place to settle now as we have been expelled from both hill and valley. So we won’t be able to procure our domicile certificates. Our condition is getting worse, she lamented.

She then said that three churches in the area have been demolished however a Ram Mandir has been left standing.

In just three days, people living for more than 50 years were asked to evict the place.

It would have been better if only the government had provided atleast a weeks-time for the residents to shift their household commodities, she said. Terming the government’s action as an act against humanity, she continued that the people of the village cutting across communities would stand together against the government act, she declared.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that the people unable to find a shelter for the day wanted to spend the night at the area with makeshift tents, however the police have also denied them to do so.


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