UNC Press Statement on issue of Silent village issue


Dated Tahamzam, 20th May, 2013

The attack on Silent Tangkhul Naga village by a large number of well armed people from the neighbouring Meitei Saijang village on 3rd May, 2013 and burning down of 36 houses has been condemned by the Tribal organisations including the United Naga Council. This sentiment was also echoed by the editorials of valley based dailies. We maintain that the act of burning down of houses by holding up the villagers with threat of use of arms and weapons is an act of terrorism. The culprits and perpetrators who have claimed the act and justified it on the ground of dispute over ownership of land on which the burnt houses stood must be booked under the law of the land.

After the ghastly episode, to add salt to injury, the Cabinet of the Manipur Government has issued an order whereby entry has been prohibited into the now declared disputed area in Silent village and consequently 144 CRPC has been imposed in the area on which the burnt houses stood. This is a communal decision and endorses the terror crime of burning of houses and one-sidedly in favour of the Saijang Meitei. This is against the law of the land.

The UNC endorses the decision of the Aze Longphang, the apex organisation of Southern Tangkhul villages taken in its emergency General Body meeting on 17th May, 2013 that any encroachment on Silent foothills will be responded upon suitably. The politics of encroachment by declaring part of Silent village as disputed land has been adopted with a communal agenda. There cannot be any compromise on our rightful ownership of our land, be it in Silent foothills or elsewhere. All Nagas and tribals must be ever alert and vigilant against the sinister designs of communal forces who are out to grab our land through fraud or force.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council


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