Justice 4 Richard sends open letter to MPs


IMPHAL, June 15: The Justice 4 Richard has sent an open letter to the Member of Parliaments from the North East Indian states to bring immediate justice for the state girl found dead in Delhi  and other victims from the North East India.

The open letter has also been sent to the Home Minister of the NE states.

A statement of the Justice4Richardinitiative has said that 1150 people covering all section of communities of NorthEast India have signed and wish to encourage upon the Elected Members of Parliament to make significant steps to bring immediate justice to many victims and seriously deal with prejudice that have allowed these crimes to happened and then become a huge obstacles towards justice including even toward registering a FIR and manipulation of forensic study.

Meanwhile, the letter signed by the 1150 individuals said, “We, the undersigned would like to bring to your attention some very serious concerns relating to recent tragic death of  (name withheld)”.

“We strongly believe that the circumstances that lead to the death of the beautiful daughter of Ukhrul and many insensitive and humiliating incidences following the death are a result of many attitudes and attributes that has been formed through the years”.

“Sir/ Madam, it is great pain to that many of her loving friends and well wishers have to fight to even register a FIR. Worse is the investigating police officer had total disregard and disrespect even for the death that we were told that we are spa working people and it was reason for such incidences of `death` happens”.


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