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Students take out rally against monetary demand

IMPHAL, June 1: Students of Little Master English Higher Secondary School, Shamurou today took out a rally protesting against an alleged monetary demand of rupees 50 lakhs served by an underground group yesterday to the principal of the school.

The rally started from the main gate of the school and covered important roads in Shamurou upto Machu cinema hall and returned back to school. The students were seen holding banners and placards that read “stop harassing the educational institute`, `free atmosphere, for better education`, `don’t serve monetary demand in the school`, `Stop monetary Demand, Make education free zone`, `Save student life`, `We are your future`, `Fed up with extortion, Be a part of Progress, Be the Part of Change`, `Have sympathy with students` and `our school is our temple.`

Speaking to the media,the school governing body secretary N Thoiba said that the demand letter of rupees 50 lakhs was served yesterday to the principal after school hour in an envelope.

Students of Little Master English Hr Sec School taking out a rally against monetary demands made on the school on Saturday

School principal H Premkumar opened the envelope and found the demand letter.

He also claimed that before the monetary demand was served he received many SMSs and phone calls from the underground outfit with similar kind of monetary demand. 

He further said that the school is not run in the motive of earning profit as the school is serving the poor families residing in Shamurou and nearby areas by educating their children at a very low fee rate compared to other private schools in the state. The school has produced many meritorious students, he added. 

He appealed the underground outfit to withdrawal the monetary demand served to the school and ask for help in producing good students.



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