Barbers` association condemns AMSU action


IMPHAL, July 13: The All Manipur Barbers’ Association today condemned the alleged assault to barbers by volunteers of the All Manipur Students Union for overcharging customers above the rate fixed by the Manipur Labour department.

Meanwhile, the All Manipur Students’ Union has said that the All Manipur Barbers’ Association has been shut down following the incident.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, secretary of the barber’s association Pappu Yadav has said that volunteers of the student body had picked up five barbers from Paona Bazar area for charging more than the rates fixed by the concern government authorities following complaints from customers.

The student volunteers had also taken Rs 4000 as fine from one of the five barbers identified as Vikas Thakur, he alleged.

He further appealed to the student body to avoid such incidents in the future.

On the other hand, volunteers of the AMSU also came to the Manipur Press Club during the meeting of the barbers’ association.

Speaking to the media persons, L Romen said that they have taken the amount of RS 4000/- as fine for over-charging.

Meanwhile, the All Manipur Students’ Union during a late evening press conference at it’s headquarter has alleged that the All Manipur Barbers’ Association president Pappu Yadav had come to the AMSU HQ to clarify that today’s protest of the barbers’ association at the Manipur Press Conference was held under pressure from All India Trade Union Congress general secretary Sotin Kumar, All Manipur Barber Association president S Yaima and vice president Meghachandra inspite of the barbers’ reluctance.

Speaking to mediapersons, L Romen general secretary AMSU has said that the three should come to the AMSU office to clarify on the issue within two days time.

He also added that the All Manipur Barbers’ Association has been closed down.

He continued that the AMSU volunteers were only conducting the inspection according to the resolution of a meeting attended by the barbers’ representatives, AMSU representatives and the state Labour department.

The inspection was also made following complaints from several customers.


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