New farmers’ federation to uplift Northeast farmers


Nagaland,KOHIMA, Jul 15 (NEPS) :

It is good news for the farmers of the northeast that their welfare will now be taken care of by the formation of the new North East Farmers’ Federation (NEFF).

The formation of the NEFF was first conceived by a few people from the State of Mizoram who have deeply involved themselves with dedication and concerned for the uplift of the farmers of North Eastern Region, says Dr YY Kikon, President of the new Federation, NEFF.

The former Director of Horticulture, Nagaland, Dr Kikon disclosed that with the initiative of the office bearers of All Mizoram Farmers’ Union (AMFU), the NEFF was officially launched on December 5, 2012 at Aizawl.

The main objectives of this Federation are:

  • To foster unity, mutual understanding and co-operation among the member representatives from different states in the interest of empowering the farmers of the region;
  • To safeguard, protect and promote the collective interests of the farmers by linking them with wider market accessibility;
  • To identify the potential projects in the region and provide logistic support with recommendation for success;
  • To advocate the ways and means of conservation of valuable and endangered flora and fauna of the region;
  • To strive to solve the problems of marketing of agriculture and allied produce, thereby raising the socio-economic status of the rural people;
  • To launch promotional activities and stimulate public/private investment for establishment of small and medium enterprises based on agricultural produce, for generation of income and employment in the rural areas;
  • To help provide affordable services to farmers, processors and exporters of agriculture and allied produce through training/seminar and other follow up support; and
  • To oversee all the important projects and schemes under agriculture and allied sectors of NER for proper implementation and transparency for the benefit of the targeted farmers in particular.


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