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Mera Chaoren Houba procession faces minor hiccup, refused exit from Kangla northern gate

IMPHAL, October 5: The advent of Mera Chaoren Houba, a traditional festival of the state was celebrated today under the aegis of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board (LSTB) at the premises of Lainingthou Sanamahi Complex, Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham at 1st Manipur Rifles.

The observation was marked by a procession carrying “holy water” collected from a sacred pond inside Kangla.

The procession was taken upto Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham.

The procession was also participated by various political leaders including former Minister Langpoklakpam Jayenta Kumar.

Meanwhile, the procession witnessed some confusion resulting in a confrontation amongst the security personnel manning the northern gate of Kangla and those taking out the procession.

As the procession proceeded towards the northern gate after collecting the holy water, the procession was refused exit by the security personnel reasoning that only the Chief Minister and the state Governor have right to passage through the gate or person(s) with permission from the CM.

Speaking to media persons at the spot, Langpoklakpam Jayenta Kumar said that the confrontation was due to a misunderstanding.

He said those taking out the procession were unaware of the fact that they had taken the permission only for entry and not of exit.

The permit is issued by the concerned DC, he said.

He said that the Manipur Rifles personnel at the gate were only conducting their duties and cannot be blamed for barring the procession to pass through.  

They were acting on official instructions not to allow anyone to pass the gate unless the individuals have the required permission from the Chief Minister himself, he said.

The procession was allowed to exit only after the former minister contacted the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, Dy CM Gaikhangam who also holds the Home portfolio, though the procession had to be delayed by about a hour due to the incident.

After the hiccup, the procession continued as usual and concluded at the Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham inside the 1st MR complex after passing along the Kangla moat stretch from the Kangla northern gate upto the Governor’s roundabout.

Meanwhile, after reaching Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham, ritual ceremonies were performed followed by making offerings to local diety Lainingthou.

Addressing the gathering at the Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham, vice president, LSTB Nungkanba Khuman said that the board is facing infrastructure shortage and further urged the government to look into the matter seriously.

Langpoklakpam Jayenta Kumar who is also the president of the board also urged the government and Works and Transports Minister, Dr Kh Ratankumar who was also attending the function to resolve the problem faced by the board.

He appealed to all the people to work together and make the festival more successful to bring prosperity, equality and harmony to the state.

Dr Kh Ratankumar speaking on the occasion said Mera Chaoren Houba is the traditional festival of the state.

He assured that he will discuss the issues of the board with CM and Dy CM and assured for the construction of the toilet for the board at the earliest.

Though the different communities of the state embrace different forms of religion, people are the same no matter what one’s religious beliefs are, the Minister observed. He further expressed his hope that the festival will bring peace, harmony and prosperity to the state.



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