Parents need to encourage their children


IMPHAL, November 24: Prizes for the 2nd open mathematics competition, held on August 25, 2013, were distributed today at Manipur Press Club at a function organized by United Social and Education Development and Organization, Yairpok.

Speaking at the ceremony, parliamentary secretary, MOBC, Amin Shah said that the students need to maintain punctuality, discipline and will-power during this period, and continued that parents play a key role in leading the children on right direction, whereas, the function of the school is just to guide the students.

He further said that the students need to be encouraged constantly for making sure that they make improvement throughout their career. However, most guardians in the state are not concern too much about encouraging their children but rather interested in organizing feast in celebration on their wards passing their examinations.

It is important that the students participate in such competition held at local levels as they will help in shaping their future, he said and added that most of the competitions organized in the state are mainly on science, mathematics etc. Competition in other streams need to be organized, otherwise students who are interested in other subjects would not be able to showcase their talents.

Parliamentary secretary, DIPR, Keisam Meghachandra said that students should exhibit their talents by participating in such kind of small competitions and hone their skills.


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