Security force coerces SoO cadres to serve demand letter, alleges Umakanta


IMPHAL, November 23: The Assam Riffles and Manipur Police Commando are using SoO cadres to serve demand letters, collection of extortion money and carry out other antisocial activities on their behalf in the state of Manipur.

The above statement was made in a press conference held at an undisclosed area in the hilly region by Thoudam Umakanta, son of Thoudam Chaoba of Khurai Thoudam Leikai, a cadre of a SoO signatory group who is now under the custody of RPF.

Umakanta told media persons that he joined RPF/PLA in the year 1997-98 and he outdistanced himself from the party later.

While he was at his home, he had established connection with Chingkhei, a self-styled Deputy Finance of PULF.  The duo did many odd works such as serving of demand letters and necessary collection of money, lobbing of bomb and other crimes under the instruction of Major Jiteshwor of 30 AR posted at Chingarel and under security cover of SI Premchand from Singjamei and SI Phulchand from Top Khongnangkhong, Umakanta disclosed.

Further narrating his account, it was said in the press conference that the said security personnel have letter heads of various insurgent group such as KCP, PULF, RPF, PREPAK etc. and they used the letter heads whenever necessary by taking a computer printout, Umakanta alleged and adding that serving of demand letters were made in the area where SI Premchand and SI Phulchand were on duty.

Under their supervision and security coverage, he did a lot of curious jobs such as arrest of one man at Keirao, one civilian from Tengdouyan on the fault charge of being a KCP cadre, two women of Keirao from Pheidinga, confiscation of hidden bombs belonging to RPF/PLA from Keirao Litan Makhong and explosion of bomb in front of JNIMS Hospital at Porompat, he charged.

After having done such job, he then surrendered in the name of KYKL (MDF) under the leadership of Athouba and he was appointed as commander of the designated camp which is situated inside the camp of 42 AR, Umakanta said and further made a serious charge that Major Brajesh of 42 AR had offered case of India made foreign liquor to the OC of concerned police stations so that the OC would verify civilian as cadres of insurgent groups and participated them to surrender ceremony.

He also mentioned the names of KYKL (MDF) leaders who are now sheltering at 42 AR camp such as Athouba alias Gopeshwor, president; Ibobi alias Nongpoknganba, home secretary; Roy alias Amuthoi, army chief; Chingsuba alias Benzamin, army chief and Malemnganba alias Sanjoy respectively.

Umakanta further told that the cadres of SoO signatories were encouraged to establish faction groups so as to collect demand money, adding that they got free movement as the surrendered cadres are having I card issued by CID department, Govt of Manipur.


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