PREPAK message on Intl Human Rights Day


IMPHAL, December 9: The People’s Revolutionary Front of Kangleipak (PREPAK) while expressing solidarity with those persons fighting for human rights by resisting various forms of challenges to their struggle has sent its warm greetings to the people in general and specially those residing in Kangleipak on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.

In a press release issued by assistant secretary publicity and propaganda, Leibakngakpa Luwang today, the proscribed outfit stated that human rights are the birth rights, and only when the society and government pay due regards and dispense the required duties the overall prosperity of the whole society and an everlasting policy can be ensured.

It stated that the revolutionary movements in United States of America (1776) and the French Revolution (1789) sowed the seeds for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948 in the aftermath of the Second World War. The international community declared its commitment to the inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings and to building a world where all people are “born free and equal in dignity and rights’. The international community has reaffirmed its commitment to the realization of the cultural, social, economical and social rights for everyone, it stated while adding that though India is one of its signatory and incorporated its basic elements in the Constitution, it is very unfortunate for the world that the country cannot fully entrust the rights to its people including those residing in the frontiers.  

The democracy of India is good in papers but not practical and human rights of the people loving there have been usurped. The preamble of Indian Constitution is based on republican democracy but it does not actually function as a republic. The Part III and Part IV have not been fully realized and the Constitution of India is sufficient proof that the basic rights of the people have been violated, it stated.

The release added that under the draconian laws like AFSPA the rights of the people to live in WESEA region and Jammu-Kashmir have been transgressed. The Indian army has engaged in committing excesses against innocent people and carrying out genocide in this region. The cases of disappearance after arrest, violations of modesty of males and females and torture of the common people by the imperialist force have been witnessed.

The bench of Supreme Court Justice Avtabh Alam and Ranjana Prakash Desai had exposed the extrajudicial killings committed against innocent people in the name of staging war to suppress the freedom movement, it stated. The Human Rights Commission, India and Amnesty International, India has also exposed the cases of fake encounters.

The divide and rule policy among communities who had dwelled together for ages has opened the door for the conception of Alternative Arrangement and Statehood Demand. Despite the open secret that Indian government is trying to create wedge among the people, many groups among the hills and valley are still unaware of the secret agenda, it stated. The objectives of the people cannot be realized until a united policy is brought about after understanding and breaking down the secret agenda of the imperialist, the statement said.

It added that on the occasion of the International Human Rights Days, the path to achieve our desired goal for fulfillment of human rights can be achieved only though a united confrontation against the deceptive policies of the imperialist, it added.


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