Bomb attack on Mayang Langjing Prdhan flayed


IMPHAL, February 28: Members of the State Panchayat Parishad convened a press conference at Manipur Press Club on Friday to discuss the bomb threat at the residence of Mayang Langjing Gram Panchayat Pradhan on Thursday night and the hijacking of a Gypsy of Lairenjam Gram Panchayat Pradhan Khagembam Sanatonon February 17 by unknown persons.  

Speaking to media persons at a press conference, Secretary, State Panchayat Parishad, Imphal West Block One, Y Mohendro said that they strongly condemn the bomb attack at the residence of Mayang Langjing Gram Panchayat Pradhan, Khangembam Sanaton, 42, son of Amumacha of Mayang Langjing Taning Makha Leikai on Thursday night around 6.30 pm and the hijacking of a gypsy belonging to Lairenjam Gram Panchayat Pradhan, Y Manihar, on the midnight of February 17.

“Government should take up appropriate measures to protect the Panchayati Raj Institute members for them to work freely and discharge their duties peacefully. Soon after the incident on Thursday, an unknown person claiming to be a KYKL member made a phone call to the president and secretary of Imphal West Block One and claimed responsibility of the attack at the residence of K Sanaton,” he said.

Informing about having received monetary demands from underground militants demanding percentage in the construction of the Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi  Sewa Kendra Building constructed under National Rural employee Guarantee Act, he stated that for the past one year, 24 Pradhans of  Imphal west block (one) have received such demands.

Khangembam Sanaton said that he did not receive any phone call or threat from any underground militants in the past before the incident on Thursday.

Meanwhile, local womenfolks of ten different wards under the Mayang Langjing  Gram Panchayat and Mayang Langjing Semgat Sagat Lup staged a sit-in-protest on Friday at Mayang Langjing community hall against the bomb attack at the residence of  Khangembam Sanaton.

Speaking to media persons at the sidelines of the protest, Secretary of Mayang Langjing Semgat Sagat Lup C Keinahanbi said that they strongly condemned the bomb attack and appealed not to carry out similar kind of bomb attacks.

“People are fed up with the gun and bomb culture,” she said, appealing those behind the bomb attack to clarify at the earliest.


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